“On Writing”: Life’s Manual

Today, my daughter comes to me and says she needs to use some quotes from a non-fiction book for a paper due tomorrow.

Immediately I said, “On Writing.”

"On Writing" by Stephen King
“On Writing” by Stephen King

This was met with a skeptical look because, well, she’s fifteen. And I’m stupid.

“Mom, I’m not a writer.”

“Stephen King wrote it, give it a try.” I tell her. As a fan of the thriller, horror genre, his name was like magic.

“On Writing” is my single most favorite non-fiction book, especially for writers. I have to say, I don’t think I have met a writer that doesn’t like this book. However, if you are a reader or anyone who wants a dose of real, honest motivation, I recommend this book.

Since it is my sacred copy, I sat with her while she looked for quotes she wanted to use from the book. I’m no idiot. If I let her take it, it would get lost in the Bermuda Triangle that is her room.

But I digress.

I couldn’t help myself. As she typed, I thumbed through the copy again, stopping here and there to read passages. The one I hit on today motivated me to do something I’ve been putting off inexplicably.

To sum it up, every writer should have an area to write without distraction. A writer’s room if you will. It should have a door and you should be willing to close that door. Only then can one really get down to the business of writing.

To me, the key is closing the door. That physical demarcation of separating ourselves from the real world into the one in our heads.

I’ve heard some authors say that prefer to write in bed. Or in a chair. Or on a treadmill desk. But each of those things are in a room, right? And I’m willing to bet that room has a door.

Reading this passage motivated me to get off my butt and make that physical link to getting down to business with my writing this year. So today, the third bedroom of my house went from a spare bedroom that housed a never used, too big bed into my writer’s room.

My Writer's Room. #amwriting
My Writer’s Room. #amwriting

It’s small and nothing fancy, but to me it’s cozy, comfortable, and I want to be in there writing. I love it.

Not to mention my hubby is a happy camper since we checked off a box on his honey do list. Win-Win!!

From helping my daughter with her high school Lit class to pushing me to move furniture, once again “On Writing” has proven to me that not only is it a fabulous read for writers and the craft, but that if life came with a manual, this would be it.

~~What’s your favorite book that helps you with the writing craft or just life in general? Leave me a comment!~~

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