Three Reasons Why I Write

I was listening to a podcast recently and the topic they discussed centered around why we as writers, well…write. It seems like such a simple question and yet it can really make one stop and think

But the way the host approached it was this: come up with three reasons that you write. Then whittle it down to the one that you know you can’t do without.

The three reasons I write:

1 – To entertain and offer an escape
2 – To get the stories out of my head
3 – To learn about myself and others and what motivates us

I can’t say money. Not yet anyway since I haven’t made any yet as my book is not yet published. It would be the first to go, even though that is definitely part of why I have a marketing strategy. But as a writer waist deep in edits right now, there are easier ways to make money! Part of my definition of success in writing is to be able to earn enough to “retire” from my first career and start my second. Hopefully finish my life on my terms as far as a career is concerned.

Number 1 & 3 would be the two to go, leaving me with to get the stories out of my head. I’ve made up stories and built worlds my whole life, even though I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing.

When I was 6 years old and had a Barbie dream house, I turned it into an inn in Vermont for my Barbie to run and made up stories about the guests. I wrote fictional stories based on high school friends while I was in school. None of them ever went anywhere and are long gone, but I’ve always had a story in my head. I can hardly listen to a song without creating a scene in my mind’s eye.

Interestingly, I find that number 1 & 3 are tied to # 2 as the effects of writing things out. If I didn’t have the stories to begin with, I wouldn’t be able to analyze motivations or entertain others.


So, why do you write? Money and success? To create something? To educate?


Write freely, love fearlessly, live intentionally,



Midweek Mojo: Get Started – March 21, 2018

Happy Midweek Mojo! 

You see a lot of Motivational Monday posts and that’s great to get you going for a Monday. Unfortunately, I have a “hare” mentality that I’m trying to correct. I’m strong out of the gate, but tend to flail about halfway. It’s a conscious effort on my part to try and change this. The tortoise was right, slow and steady wins the race. 

So in an effort to help those of us that need some additional weekly motivation, I offer a midweek mojo post.

Today’s quote comes from the great Mark Twain:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”


The hardest part is starting, am I right? This is where fear sets in and tries to derail us before we even get going. For me, when I start a new writing project, the beginning is always the clunkiest for me. I’m awkward and all over the place until after a while I can rein myself in and find my voice. But unless I start, I’ll never find my voice. 

Some are perfectionists. Circumstances must be perfect in order to get started. They use sentences like:


“I’ll wait until the kids leave home.”

“I’ll wait until I have enough money.”

“I’ll wait until I lose weight.”


I’ve used these last two quite a bit myself. Life becomes a bunch of I’ll wait’s and before you know it, time passes you by.

Life isn’t perfect and never will be. There will be no perfect circumstance. If there’s something you want to do or dream of doing, get started. Don’t wait. If you’ve only been half committed to something, hold your nose and JUMP! Commit fully if you want it bad enough.

Time is the one commodity we have that we can somewhat control and yet we can never replenish when it’s gone. 

We only get so many trips around the sun. Make sure you make the most of each and every single one.


The weekly mojo question:

What are you not starting because of fear or some other deterrent?


Write freely, love fearlessly, live intentionally,





Today’s Motivation, August 4th – Timing is Everything

I love Gary Sinise. His quote is perfect. It takes hard work and persistence (among other things) to be successful in life, regardless of what your version may be. The timing of how it pays off is not in our control. But keeping our nose to the grindstone and working on that goal is completely up to us.

So own it. Do the time. Work hard. The timing of your success will follow.

And it will be when you least expect it.

Make it a great day!



Today’s Motivation, July 25th – Where You Start, Where You Finish

It’s called growth. No matter what you’re goals are in life, strive to grow. Presently, I’m a newbie to the writing world. But I don’t plan to stay that way, no matter how hard it is to get where I want to be. Where I am now is simply where I started. I relish where I am now though because it will make a great story when achieve my success! 🙂

Make it a great day!


Today’s Motivation, July 14th – How Does Fear Motivate You?

“Terrible thing, to live in fear.”- Shawshank Redemption

Fear is one of the greatest motivators around. It can be productive or it can stop you in your tracks. It’s all in how you look at it. I know that over my lifetime I have passed on taking chances simply because I worried that I would look silly, say something wrong, make people angry or sad, fail at the task at hand. Who knows how many opportunities I passed up? I don’t dwell on it these days because I’ve learned to let go. Have faith.

These days I’m more likely to live and let live and be silly, be wrong, fail, and realize people will react the way they will regardless of what I do. I’m still a WIP on this, but compared to ten years ago, I’ve made tremendous strides. And if I slip into that mind set and worry about making a mistake, I just try to remember: what’s the worse that can happen? If the ones I hold dear to my heart are safe, healthy, and whole, then I’m good. And when I do screw up, I try again and learn from it. That’s really all we can do.

So, how does fear motivate you? Is it paralyzing to the point of missed opportunities? Or does it grab you by the neck and push you into taking that shot because you have nothing to lose?

Make it a great day!



Daily Motivation, June 28th – Be Weird

Some people call them dreams. I call them goals. I have many and they are lofty. They are things that in order to achieve them it will take sacrifice, hard work, determination, and a healthy dose of crazy. I know there are some that think I’m weird or a big dreamer. But I can SEE my goals in my head, I can visualize the hard work it will take to get there. I can also see the results.

I thrive on being weird and crazy. If I’m not being called either one of those, I know I need to double my efforts to stand out.

Think about it this way: There are over 7 billion people in this world. Why would I want to get lost in that herd of people?

Make it a great day!


Daily Motivation, June 21st – Never Give Up

Simple yet effective quote from one of baseball’s historic giants. Babe Ruth was known for his hitting on the field and womanizing and drinking off the field, which it’s said to have caused some issues for him with the public and baseball officials.

In spite of those that wanted to hold him back due to his larger than life persona, he never gave up giving his best to baseball.

There will always be those that want to see you fail and perhaps there will be times that they succeed in their venture. However, success is fleeting and requires hard work and persistence to keep it. You won’t stay on top by giving up or rest on your laurels. It’s often said it’s harder to maintain than to get there.

Never give up and you’ll never be beaten. And you’ll never let yourself down.

Make it a great day!



Daily Motivation in Pictures, June 30th – Live Life on Your Terms

Morning friends!

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I took a much needed vacation. We had a fantastic time visiting the beach and the world’s most famous Mouse. The sunrise on the beach was just breathtaking. The edges of the day are my favorite time of day at the edge of land. There just aren’t any adjectives that can adequately describe it’s beauty. It’s a scene that I could wake up to and end my day with every day if I were able. Which made me think of what I could do to make it possible for that to be what I see everyday.

So, my question to end the month of June: what would you do to live life on your terms?

Enjoy the pics!

Make it a great day!







Daily Motivation, June 11th – Take a Chance

This quote is honest but requires thinking outside the box. Many people use that term, but few truly use it. Instead of the outcome, think about what it takes to get to the outcome. When you focus on results, you trick your brain into thinking the work is already done and your mojo can wane.

What does it look like to get to your goal? Can you see yourself working on it? Are you willing to make that leap?

Keep this in mind: If you never try anything, you are guaranteed to fail 100% of the time. The best way to improve those odds is to take a chance.

Make it a great day!


Daily Motivation, June 10th – Friday Fun!

Happy Friday my friends! It’s the Friday before a week long vacation for me, so to be honest, I’m a bit useless today.

My only profound words of wisdom today? LIFE IS SHORT, HAVE FUN, BE WEIRD.

I’m just going to leave these here today. I hope you enjoy your Friday!

Make it a great day!