Three Reasons Why I Write

I was listening to a podcast recently and the topic they discussed centered around why we as writers, well…write. It seems like such a simple question and yet it can really make one stop and think

But the way the host approached it was this: come up with three reasons that you write. Then whittle it down to the one that you know you can’t do without.

The three reasons I write:

1 – To entertain and offer an escape
2 – To get the stories out of my head
3 – To learn about myself and others and what motivates us

I can’t say money. Not yet anyway since I haven’t made any yet as my book is not yet published. It would be the first to go, even though that is definitely part of why I have a marketing strategy. But as a writer waist deep in edits right now, there are easier ways to make money! Part of my definition of success in writing is to be able to earn enough to “retire” from my first career and start my second. Hopefully finish my life on my terms as far as a career is concerned.

Number 1 & 3 would be the two to go, leaving me with to get the stories out of my head. I’ve made up stories and built worlds my whole life, even though I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing.

When I was 6 years old and had a Barbie dream house, I turned it into an inn in Vermont for my Barbie to run and made up stories about the guests. I wrote fictional stories based on high school friends while I was in school. None of them ever went anywhere and are long gone, but I’ve always had a story in my head. I can hardly listen to a song without creating a scene in my mind’s eye.

Interestingly, I find that number 1 & 3 are tied to # 2 as the effects of writing things out. If I didn’t have the stories to begin with, I wouldn’t be able to analyze motivations or entertain others.


So, why do you write? Money and success? To create something? To educate?


Write freely, love fearlessly, live intentionally,



Midweek Mojo: Get Started – March 21, 2018

Happy Midweek Mojo! 

You see a lot of Motivational Monday posts and that’s great to get you going for a Monday. Unfortunately, I have a “hare” mentality that I’m trying to correct. I’m strong out of the gate, but tend to flail about halfway. It’s a conscious effort on my part to try and change this. The tortoise was right, slow and steady wins the race. 

So in an effort to help those of us that need some additional weekly motivation, I offer a midweek mojo post.

Today’s quote comes from the great Mark Twain:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”


The hardest part is starting, am I right? This is where fear sets in and tries to derail us before we even get going. For me, when I start a new writing project, the beginning is always the clunkiest for me. I’m awkward and all over the place until after a while I can rein myself in and find my voice. But unless I start, I’ll never find my voice. 

Some are perfectionists. Circumstances must be perfect in order to get started. They use sentences like:


“I’ll wait until the kids leave home.”

“I’ll wait until I have enough money.”

“I’ll wait until I lose weight.”


I’ve used these last two quite a bit myself. Life becomes a bunch of I’ll wait’s and before you know it, time passes you by.

Life isn’t perfect and never will be. There will be no perfect circumstance. If there’s something you want to do or dream of doing, get started. Don’t wait. If you’ve only been half committed to something, hold your nose and JUMP! Commit fully if you want it bad enough.

Time is the one commodity we have that we can somewhat control and yet we can never replenish when it’s gone. 

We only get so many trips around the sun. Make sure you make the most of each and every single one.


The weekly mojo question:

What are you not starting because of fear or some other deterrent?


Write freely, love fearlessly, live intentionally,





Today’s Motivation, July 15th – Isn’t that Crazy?

Well, kids, today’s post isn’t really motivational. Just some fun Captain Sparrow. It’s all I got today.

It describes me perfectly! 🙂

Happy Friday! Make it a great day!


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Daily Motivation in Pictures, June 30th – Live Life on Your Terms

Morning friends!

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I took a much needed vacation. We had a fantastic time visiting the beach and the world’s most famous Mouse. The sunrise on the beach was just breathtaking. The edges of the day are my favorite time of day at the edge of land. There just aren’t any adjectives that can adequately describe it’s beauty. It’s a scene that I could wake up to and end my day with every day if I were able. Which made me think of what I could do to make it possible for that to be what I see everyday.

So, my question to end the month of June: what would you do to live life on your terms?

Enjoy the pics!

Make it a great day!








Photo Credit: memes
Photo Credit: memes

Happy Friday, mates! I hope you have big things planned.

I’m headed to the monthly GRW meeting tomorrow and I’m super excited to learn more about in depth POV. 

I’ll share my thoughts with you on that next week.

I found this very humorous. What writer hasn’t felt this way???

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Have a great weekend!

‘Til Next Time,

Get Creating!!


Friday Fun!

Happy Friday everyone! We made it!!

Just to put a little humor in your day:

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Make it an amazing day! After all, it IS Friday! 

‘Til Next Time,


“On Writing”: Life’s Manual

Today, my daughter comes to me and says she needs to use some quotes from a non-fiction book for a paper due tomorrow.

Immediately I said, “On Writing.”

"On Writing" by Stephen King
“On Writing” by Stephen King

This was met with a skeptical look because, well, she’s fifteen. And I’m stupid.

“Mom, I’m not a writer.”

“Stephen King wrote it, give it a try.” I tell her. As a fan of the thriller, horror genre, his name was like magic.

“On Writing” is my single most favorite non-fiction book, especially for writers. I have to say, I don’t think I have met a writer that doesn’t like this book. However, if you are a reader or anyone who wants a dose of real, honest motivation, I recommend this book.

Since it is my sacred copy, I sat with her while she looked for quotes she wanted to use from the book. I’m no idiot. If I let her take it, it would get lost in the Bermuda Triangle that is her room.

But I digress.

I couldn’t help myself. As she typed, I thumbed through the copy again, stopping here and there to read passages. The one I hit on today motivated me to do something I’ve been putting off inexplicably.

To sum it up, every writer should have an area to write without distraction. A writer’s room if you will. It should have a door and you should be willing to close that door. Only then can one really get down to the business of writing.

To me, the key is closing the door. That physical demarcation of separating ourselves from the real world into the one in our heads.

I’ve heard some authors say that prefer to write in bed. Or in a chair. Or on a treadmill desk. But each of those things are in a room, right? And I’m willing to bet that room has a door.

Reading this passage motivated me to get off my butt and make that physical link to getting down to business with my writing this year. So today, the third bedroom of my house went from a spare bedroom that housed a never used, too big bed into my writer’s room.

My Writer's Room. #amwriting
My Writer’s Room. #amwriting

It’s small and nothing fancy, but to me it’s cozy, comfortable, and I want to be in there writing. I love it.

Not to mention my hubby is a happy camper since we checked off a box on his honey do list. Win-Win!!

From helping my daughter with her high school Lit class to pushing me to move furniture, once again “On Writing” has proven to me that not only is it a fabulous read for writers and the craft, but that if life came with a manual, this would be it.

~~What’s your favorite book that helps you with the writing craft or just life in general? Leave me a comment!~~

‘Til Next Time,


Things You Do On a Saturday…

It’s a snowy Saturday in some parts. What does one do all day?

If you’re my dog:

Sleepy puppy

If you’re my cat:

2016-01-23 21.15.102016-01-23 21.15.10

If you’re a book nerd like me looking for a laugh:

Credit: The Velvet Pelican

‘Til Next Time You Crazy Kids!




Happy Snow Friday!

I’m in the southern US, Georgia specifically, so we have been the butt of winter jokes for years. But we take it all in stride down here…

ZCaptain Sparrow meme
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🙂 🙂

Wherever you are in the world, have a great day and always travel safely!

‘Til Next Time,


#TBT to the 2015 Dahlonega Literary Festival

My Thursday post is a throwback to last year’s Dahlonega Literary Festival. I’ve gone the last couple of years and attended the workshops and panels.

Some of my loot from last year!

Last year, I was lucky enough to share some fantastic Mexican food with one of my fave authors whose just so happens to be from an area nearby me, Delilah S. Dawson. She’s smart, witty, and an overall fun gal that writes YA and Steampunk. Read her Steampunk “Blud” series. And then we can talk about Criminy. 😜

I was also introduced to Molly Harper who writes a fun series that’s a clever twist on vampires. It’s a paranormal romantic comedy of sorts. Just read it. It’s laugh out loud fun.

If you are in the Dahlonega area March 12-13 this year, I highly recommend checking it out. A list of the authors featured this year and more info on the festival itself can be found at  Dahlonega Literary Festival.


Photo Credit:

Dahlonega is a fun kind of artsy, college town. There’s a beautiful square with shops to browse and a variety of restaurants to suit any palate. There’s even a winery nearby if that’s your thing as well as the mountains. Make a weekend of it. Check out more here at  Dahlonega, Georgia.

And no, I’m not a paid endorser. I just went to the college there and simply adore the little town. 🙂


The festival is a great way to jump into networking, especially if you’re new to it and a fun way to learn some new authors, get some books signed, and learn about the craft of writing as well.

This year, I’m volunteering. I will be back to share my experiences and anything that will be useful to you guys!

You can find Delilah on Twitter @DelilahSDawson and at

You can find Molly on Twitter @mollyharperauth and at

‘Til Next time!


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