Podcast Series Ep 3: Two Motivational Podcasts to Kick Start Your Writing

Writing can be hard. It’s a solitary, isolating profession and sometimes we need a pick me up. These two podcasts accomplish that in their own ways.

Having a cheerleader, even if it’s through the speakers of your computer, headphones, or car as you commute, is vital to the self-esteem of a writer. While we may have our characters we hang out with daily, writing can still be a lonely endeavor.

I’ve listened to podcasts for many years now and part of why I love them is because they meet so many of my needs. In this episode of my Podcasts Series, I talk about two podcasts that keep me going from two different perspectives.

The Petal to the Metal – Hosted by J. Thorn and Rachael Herron

Honestly, I can’t remember how I came across this podcast. I was familiar with J. Thorn since he has worked with my author entrepreneur idol, enter site Joanna Penn in the past. I didn’t know Rachael, even though she’s been writing for years. But I have to say that even though I can’t remember how I found them, I’m glad I did.

This weekly podcast started at the beginning of 2017, so it’s a bit younger than other podcasts I listen to. Both J and Rachael are full-time authors, living the writer’s dream. One of the things I enjoy most about this podcast is the conversation like nature to it. Instead of the polish of a formal show, it’s simply two people talking about writing. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a format. They catch up with what’s going on with each other and then they move on to the question of the week. One will come up with a question for the other that has to do with their writing process, writing goals, or anything else in regards to the writing journey.

The camaraderie between these two is fun to hear and I have found myself laughing along with them. What makes The Petal to the Metal motivational is to hear two writers making a living at writing and be truthful about the world of it. They are cheerleaders for each other. Because it isn’t an easy business, but it is worth it if you have someone to motivate and inspire you.  When I listen to them, they remind me to stay the course and never give up.

Length: 20-30 minutes long depending on the topic.

Find them at http://thepetaltothemetal.com/

The Journeyman Writer – Hosted by Alastair Stephens

Full disclosure that makes me sad: this podcast is no longer producing new shows. It was owned by an organization called Story Wonk and earlier this year, the couple that ran it divorced. However, they continue to maintain the website where the podcasts are and you can still find all 235 episodes on any podcast app you use.

Fortunately, the craft of writing is evergreen, so the discussions and teachings that Alastair imparted can still be used. I found this podcast to be one of the better ones to explain writing craft. He uses a lot of cinema to help explain craft for writing novels and for me, it helped connect the dots. Mindset, productivity, publishing, Nanowrimo are just a few of the things he discussed on the show. And each show is short and sweet, which I appreciated so as not to overwhelm me.

The Journeyman Writer is motivating in the fact that he breaks down the craft in bite size pieces. It makes you feel like not only could you write a book, but you could write a book well and actually learn the craft.

The fact that he has a fun Scottish accent is just a bonus. 🙂

If you listen to The Journeyman Writer and love it like I did, I have good news. While that particular show may be over, I found out that he has recently started a new craft podcast called The Narrative Beat. I haven’t listened to it yet, but now that I know it exists, I plan to check it out as soon as possible. Check back in a couple of months and I’ll have a review of it.

Length: 5-10 minutes depending on the topic.

Find the old episodes at https://storywonk.com/category/podcasts/the-journeyman-writer/

Find Alastair and The Narrative Beat at http://pointnorthmedia.com/

As I always say, there are a ton of podcasts out there and these are only my opinion. But whether or not one of these or a different one helps you, podcasts are one more medium that can help writers on their journey in a number of ways.

follow url What are some of the ways you look to others for motivation? Do you have another podcast you’d like to share that has kickstarted your writing somehow? Share with me and drop a comment below!

Happy Writing!

Podcast Series Ep 2: Two Book Marketing and Publishing Podcasts Every Indie Author Needs

In my last post, I talked about my three favorite self-publishing podcasts.  In this post, it’s all about my favorite marketing and publishing news podcasts.

When you’re an indie author, it takes more than just writing a great book. Marketing is the other side of the coin and a skill you have to learn if you want to sell said books. Keeping up with publishing trends is also an important piece of an indie author business. But with so much information out on the web, it can be overwhelming to vet all of it on your own.

I listen to a lot of shows and they all have some book marketing and publishing news. But these two shows in particular specialize in book marketing and publishing news.

Again, I’m not affiliated with these in any way, just a huge fan!

The Sell More Book Show Podcast – Hosted by Bryan Cohen & Jim Kukral

This show has been around for more than two years and they have really found their rhythm. I find myself looking forward to Wednesdays when the show comes out. They are fun to listen to as the guys are opposite sides of the coin. Bryan is the optimist with Jim being more pragmatic in his take on the publishing world.

They each bring their own experiences to the table. Bryan writes both fiction and non-fiction, while Jim writes non-fiction and has been around the internet marketing arena for decades.

The show starts with any announcements that they may have in regards to their own work outside the show. Or some times they have what’s called a “lab” feature where they bring in a guest that does an experiment to sell more books, such as writing to market or ad stacking.

The tips of the week and the top five publishing news articles of the week are the meat and potatoes of the show. They cover topics from all over the web that I would never find on my own. I’ve come to depend on Bryan and Jim to curate the news for me. They’ve yet to let me down.

One thing that they do each week that so far I haven’t seen on any other show is showcasing their featured patrons. They pick three books from people that contribute to the show through Patreon and read the blurb for the book. I love this is in the fact that they give back to those that contribute and it spotlights what their mission is for the podcast: selling more books.

Length: About an hour. Jim keeps the podcast moving so as to keep the listeners engaged.

Find them at http://sellmorebooksshow.com/

Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast – Hosted by Lindsay Buroker, Joseph Lallo, & Jeff Poole

I love their tag line: “Interviewing and learning from successful authors.” And that is exactly what they offer.

While I haven’t listened to this podcast for long, it has been around for awhile and has quickly become one of my favorites.

And don’t let the title fool you. There’s more to this podcast than science fiction and fantasy. The three hosts all write in the genre primarily, but also have other genre interests. The information they provide can apply to anyone who writes books and wants to sell them.

Most weeks they have a guest they interview. They’ve had authors in other genres as well as industry folks with guidance to sell and market your books. Occasionally the show will be just the three of them offering their advice from their own experiences. Either way, I find the show informative and entertaining every time I listen to it.

Length: Usually a little more than an hour. Lindsey is usually the one that guides the show, but I love the fact that they each have a turn to weigh in on the topics at hand.

Find them at http://www.marketingsff.com/


Just like the information these podcasts provide, there is an overwhelming number of podcasts in the sphere. These are by no means the only two on the subject out there. But these are two that I hear about from authorities in the field. If you listen long enough, you hear them mentioned time and time again.

And I figure, if those in authority that I respect listen to them, they must be doing something right.

go site Do you have a podcast on book marketing and/or publishing news you’d like to share? Drop it in the comments below!

Happy Writing!