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Unexpected Forever: Book 1 of the Madison Ridge Series: Unexpected


Unexpected Forever: An Accidental Pregnancy, Age Gap Romance

When I meet my best friend’s baseball star older brother, our chemistry is out of the park.
And for one night, he shows me more pleasure than I thought possible.
But two months later, life throws me a curveball in the form of two pink lines.

We couldn’t be more different.He’s a newly retired future baseball Hall of Fame contender, his handsome face rakes in millions of sponsorship dollars.I’m launching my dream career as an event planner and thus far, my biggest accomplishment is carrying twenty shots of tequila in a bar without spilling a drop.From putting together a crib to managing my weird cravings, Nate insists on being involved in our accidental family. I’m falling for him, and even though his emotional scars run deeper than his physical injuries, the way he brushes his lips over my forehead makes me wonder if he could be falling for me too.

We may have started as a one-time thing, but now I want our unexpected forever.

Release Date: June 28, 2022