Remind Me (The Madison Ridge Series Book 2)

Nothing hurts worse than your first heartbreak… Except having the same man break it a second time.

Real estate mogul Addison Davenport must fulfill her late father’s legacy. Unfortunately, his will stipulates that she work with her ex-fiancé on renovating a historic home before the town takes over ownership. He broke her heart once. No way she’s going to let him near it again.

Easier said than done.

Life’s been a wild ride for Delaney Reynolds, the sexy home renovation star of Property Ace. But fame isn’t all he thought it would be, and he never forgot what--or whom--he left behind in Madison Ridge.

Forced to work with the one woman he never really got over, Delaney realizes that a second chance for him might not be in the script. But when he sets his sights on something, he doesn’t give up.

Is there any hope for Addison and Delaney to build a new foundation, or will it all fall like a house of cards?

Don’t miss Remind Me, the second book in the Madison Ridge small town contemporary romance series. If you like fiesty heroines, generous heros in tool belts, public grand gestures, and steamy scenes involving sturdy tables, then you’ll love this small town second chance romance.

Series: Madison Ridge