Remind Me

He wasn’t over her. Nowhere near it.

As the sexy star of the hit home renovation show Property Ace, Del Reynolds lived life in the fast lane.

After ten years away, unexpected news brings him home and face to face with smart, strong-willed Addison Davenport––the woman he left behind to pursue his career, but never stopped loving.

Forced to work side by side, it becomes clear that the love between them hasn’t diminished despite the years apart. Her touch still sets him on fire. Her kisses still leave him weak in the knees. Her sharp mind still turns him inside out.

Day after day she reminds him of everything he missed.

But a devastating secret could ruin their new foundation and he soon realizes a second chance for their love might not be written in any script.

Still, Del knows how to see potential when it seems all is lost and he wants nothing more than to make Addison his again.


Series: Madison Ridge