Independent publishing is exciting, rewarding, and a massive amount of work. But nothing beats seeing your book online with its wonderful cover and–best of all–your name on it!

But let’s be real. Writing that book is also exciting, but can be daunting, especially when you’re first starting out. Knowing how that feels, I’m sharing some of my tips, tricks, and motivation to help you get that book done with my nonfiction book, 30 Days to “The End”.


Is the thought of finishing a novel in 30 days overwhelming?

Struggling to stay focused on your draft?

After several writing marathons, Eliza Peake understands the challenges of writing a novel in 30 days. But with education and inspiration, it can be done. Using Eliza Peake’s TIE method, 30 Days to “The End” will:

With craft overviews, lifestyle tips, and a sanity kit to help get you started and keep the momentum going.

With short, uplifting pep talks to type those words each and every day so you can reach your goal in a month.

Entertain and stimulate:
With creative writing prompts to help break through slow periods that creep in over the next thirty days.

If you’re looking for humor, positivity, and a swift kick to your flagging motivation, Eliza Peake’s inspirational guide to completing a draft in thirty days is a must have.


In addition to that, I co-host a writing podcast with full time, seasoned romance writer, Adrienne Bell. Tune in for even more information about all things writing and indie publishing!


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