Four Must Haves for Your NaNoWriMo Sanity First Aid Kit

It’s here! It’s here! NaNoWriMo 2017!

The last few days I’ve shared some tips and questions to help you get in the right frame of mind to start this marathon writing adventure.

In case it isn’t obvious, I love NaNoWriMo. A bunch of writers getting together virtually, or physically if you have an active local write in, to tackle the Great American Novel. Twitter is all aflutter with several hashtags for writing sprints and all types of camaraderie. It always reminds me how great the writing community is, regardless of what we write.

And reminds me that this crazy, gargantuan challenge is worth it and that I’m not alone.

But let’s not kid ourselves. It is a daunting undertaking and not for the faint of heart.

Then again, writing itself is not for the faint of heart!

Like any well-prepared individual facing the prospect of a fierce storm, I created a NaNo sanity preparedness kit for myself.

These four items are my staples. Other things come and go, but I always keep these things in stock:

Coffee: The nectar of the gods gets me going every day. Since I drink it black, I’m a bit picky about what I drink. It helps that my daughter works for Starbucks, so I get good coffee for a deep discount. I have a Keurig machine and a Ninja drip coffeemaker but in November I stick with the Ninja simply because I can make a whole pot at once. No need to wait around for every cup of coffee I want. And frankly, I drink too much coffee to make using K-cups a viable financial option.

order amoxil online Candy: Whoever decided November should be National Novel Writing Month knew the power of sugar and how easy it would be to obtain. All you have to do is raid the kids Halloween bag! A piece of good dark chocolate makes me happy and happy makes the words flow. I’m partial to a fun size bag of Skittles as well.

go to site Cheerleader(s): Some writers drink coffee, some tea. But I don’t know any writer that doesn’t need a cheerleader. Stringing a series of sentences together to tell a story is hard. Not to be taken lightly. You’re going to need someone (or two) to help you through getting this done. They don’t necessarily have to be a writer themselves, just someone that will wave those poms-poms and do some cartwheels (not literally, of course) telling you how awesome you are and to keep going.

Love: You need love in abundance for the month of November. Love for yourself and love for your story. Even with cheerleaders, at the end of the day, this challenge is on us. Only we can love our stories and ourselves enough to finish our stories and win NaNoWriMo.    

You may feel like the words suck. Or the words might be brilliant. But either way, get the words on paper and finish the story. Stories in and of themselves are magic. So get all that power down on paper in the form of words.

You can let that inner editor out of its cage on December 1st.

Happy Writing!

click Do you have any staples you use during NaNoWriMo? What helps you through the marathon? Share it here!

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