Love’s Kaleidoscope

Love can hurt. Love can heal. Love can be unexpected.

Love’s Kaleidoscope is a collection of short stories that explores the all-encompassing emotion in its various forms from unconditional love to unexpected passion.

Until We Meet Again:
After the worst year of her life, Kate sells the only house she ever called home. But she can’t bring herself to pack up one box that holds the last pieces of her heart and a connection to unconditional love.

Smooth Sailing:
A billionaire groom whisks his new bride to a private island for some newlywed time. But the honeymoon is over before it begins.

Say Something
In spite of her fear, Darcy wants her husband to notice her. But will it be too late by the time he really sees her?

Breaking the Girl
Ansley knew getting too close to Jeremy was forbidden but fell for him anyway. How high of a price will she pay for following her heart?

I Should be Getting Married
A jilted groom meets a mystery woman and a cold, lonely night heats up fast.