NaNoWriMo Day 15: Adversity Brings Benefits

When most people hear the word “adversity”, they think negative thoughts. It’s like when you hear the word “fear”. Or the other F-word that brings shudders to millions, “failure”. On the surface, and maybe from your own experiences, these three words are something you avoid. Or something that wears you down when it’s unavoidable. But what if you think about it another way?

Image of cloudy beach day and sand grass, adversity between you and the ocean

make Adversity benefit you

We’re at the half way point of our Nanowrimo journey and if you are still in it to win it, congrats! But maybe your family isn’t supportive. Or work is nuts and the holidays are approaching quickly. You’re word count is so far behind, you can’t see the other Nano marathoners.

If you’re thinking about dropping out, consider this:

I’ve heard it said that a setback often occurs before a setup. These obstacles are serving to test you. To see how much sacrificing you are willing to do in order to meet your goals. To get you ready for greatness. Show you the benefit of dealing with life when it seems out to make your life hell. Because life has its own agenda and will never bend to your will if you let it just happen to you. You have to be willing to take life by the horns and make it happen for you. Instead of to you.

I’ve said it before. Writing isn’t easy. It’s a solitary venture. But if your day isn’t complete unless you write and you want the world to hear your voice, you have to keep going. Keep pushing. Stay focused.

Because you want to be ready when greatness knocks on your door.

Today’s Count: 25,000 words!!! Half way there!!!

Happy Writing,





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