NaNoWriMo Day 16: Believe in Yourself

The NaNoWriMo journey is not one everyone in your life will understand. Well meaning friends and family will deter you even if they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing. They may not believe in you. However, their belief in you isn’t what helps you finish this race.

Man jumping from ledge to ledge - Believe

believe in yourself first

The main ingredient to becoming a champ with Nano is putting what you think of yourself first. There’s a saying I’ve heard that says, if you don’t think you’re a rock star, no one else will. People recognize self-confidence. It’s a magnet for others.

The thing about adversity and large challenges is that it gives us a reality check of ourselves. Our mettle is tested to see what we are made. And we can tell really quick if we want to continue this writing thing as a hobby or if it’s something we wish to pursue professionally.

If you are in it, to win it this month, believe you can keep pushing forward. No matter what they naysayers or fate tries to tell you otherwise. No one ever regretted finishing their story. But countless souls have regretted quitting before they were finished.

Today Word Count: 26,667 words

Happy Writing!


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