NaNoWriMo Day 17: How Do You Define Success?

Everyone wants success, am I right? It can mean different things to different people, but at the end of the day, we all want to be successful. For the dogs in this picture, it means making it to a given location they were trained for before anyone else and making their master happy. For those of us on the Nano journey, that looks like having 50,000 words or more on November 30th.

But knowing we want it? That’s the easy part. We know the goal. But how we achieve that goal is where the rubber meets the road. Few have all the pieces needed to get there. Worse yet, some are not even sure what those pieces are. There’s no manual for it, no hack, or secret handshake.


Sled dogs racing to success

Add willingness & Patience to that Success formula

These days the world is full of people that will tell you there is a get *rich quick/successful/beautiful/insert your wish here* formula. You need only to send in your life savings to do so, follow the instructions and viola! You’re *broke, no thinner, insert your dead wish here*. Delayed gratification is a foreign concept these days, which is why scams are commonplace.

The truth is, you must be willing to not only learn from failure, but to roll with the punches, learn new things, and take chances. You need patience. The only overnight successes are the ones years in the making. They applied all the principles of winning: willingness, preparation, work, learning. And knew that if they kept up with those things, as a result, success would find its way to them.

Whatever it is you want in life and whatever your definition of success might mean, give it everything you have.

Today’s Count: 28,339 words

Happy Writing!


***parts of this post were used with permission by Eliza Peake.***

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