NaNoWriMo Day 20: Determined to Finish

The days keep flying by and the deadline looms closer. But we writers are a determined lot, especially when the muse hits us in the head. When that happens, we end up with superpower abilities to write.

Determined man riding race horse in snow.


At this point, Nano participants have been writing for 20 days straight. Even if you haven’t written every day, chances are you’ve done more writing than normal. It’s easy at this point to feel your energy wane.

Or if you’re anything like me and live in America, you’re getting ready for the holidays. October to December is pretty busy for most families with all the holidays that come into play. Add trying to write a novel and it is a test of our determination and will. It’s easy to get bogged down.

But you have made it this far. Regardless of 10,000 words or the daily word count at this point, don’t let that get you down. This contest shows you can do it. It may have even reignited a passion for you.

If you’re fretting because you’re behind, take a deep breath and dig deep. Channel that fretting energy into your work and keep typing.

You’ll never regret that you kept going.

Today’s Count: 33,340 words

Happy Writing!


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