NaNoWriMo Motivation – Day 11

follow url Day 11: There’s something magical about writing and being able to say you want to be a writer. But there’s a reason why many talk about it, but not everyone does it. The old adage, “if it were easy, everyone would do it” certainly applies here.

where do you buy viagra yahoo Writing is not easy. It’s a solitary venture, with only our thoughts and characters for company. We twist ourselves inside out trying to find the right words to tell the story that’s in our hearts and dominating our minds. Writers are egotistical and yet insecure, all at the same time. We have to be both as we bare our souls and look to entertain or educate.

go here We need to have that thick skin that sometimes we simply lack. Because that is the one intangible tool in our arsenal that can make us great.

If you’ve made it here, on day 11, keep trucking. With each word you write, you bare your soul more, but know that your words are needed. And develop that thick skin so that someday those fantastic words that are weaved into a story will make it out into the world one day.

Today’s Count: 18,337 words

Happy Writing!

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