NaNoWriMo Motivation – Day 8

source url Day 8: Last night after watching Shark Tank, my daughter asked me how those investors could give someone so much money without knowing whether or not they would get it back (in this case it was $700K). It seemed crazy to her. I told her that usually the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward and those investors were betting on the fact the business would work out. Diving into Nano every year is a risk we all take. Will we finish? Will it be any good? Will we do it again next year? When will I have time to do this? All of these thoughts are a risk to our egos, our supply of time, our families, even our stories. But taking this risk each November is worth it to learn time management, consistency, overcoming fear, and just how bad we want to make this writing thing work.

source So be willing to continue to take the risk. Even if you fall behind in the word count (I’m desperately behind now that I’ve injured myself! Doh!), keep going. The goal is to be consistent and finish something, regardless of the word count.

As Captain Barbossa said in Pirates of the Caribbean, “It’s more like guidelines.”

Now go write!

Today’s Count: 13,336 words

Happy Writing!

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