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Remind Me Pre-Order is Live!

Hey loves!

I’m so happy to share with y’all that my next release, Remind Me, is up for pre-order on Amazon!

The story of Delaney Reynolds and Addison Davenport has been with me for a long and has gone through several iterations before I finally landed on what story they were trying to tell me. Here’s the blurb for the story:


Delaney Reynolds had always been a good-looking guy. But the young Del had nothing on the grown-up Del. 

The man was smoking hot.

Life’s been a wild ride for Delaney Reynolds, the sexy home renovation star Property Ace. But a setback lands him home in Madison Ridge, working with his first love turned enemy.

Real estate mogul Addison Davenport must fulfill her late father’s legacy. Unfortunately, his will requires she work with her ex-fiancé, the man who left her for reality stardom.

Delaney is persuasive, reminding Addison why she once loved him, but shadows of their past haunt their present bliss. Can the scorned lovers rebuild a lasting foundation or will it fall like a house of cards?

Author’s Warning: A second chance romance with a feisty heroine, a generous hero in a tool belt, a protective yet lazy dog, a very public grand gesture, and sexy times involving a sturdy dining room table.


If you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, The Sneak Peake, sign up here to get the first look of my cover in the March newsletter. I got the proof the other day and OMG! I’m in love with it! So beautiful! I’m anxious to get it out for the world to see! But patience is key…at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to share the news with you guys and if you’re ready to order the second book in The Madison Ridge series, click below to order now!

Gimme Remind Me now!

Til next time!

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