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Sayonara 2018, Welcome 2019!

Another chapter in the book of life comes to a close. In some ways, it went fast and in others, it felt like one of the longest years of my life. A roller coaster is the best way I can describe it. For all the ups I had, I had some down times too. Here are just a few highlights (and lowlights as it were) for my 2018:

  • Had my appendix removed
  • Saw my daughter graduate high school and go off to college
  • Started a podcast
  • Reevaluated my relationships
  • Learned I had an addiction issue with codependency
  • Learned I was stronger than I realized
  • Won an award for volunteering at my local RWA chapter
  • Moved
  • Published two books, one fiction and one non-fiction
  • Survived the worst flu I’ve had in many years

There were other things but these were what I remembered off the top of my head. So as much as I’d like to bash 2018 and say how horrible it was, I’d be a liar if I did. It was horrible at times and other times it wasn’t. And when it was bad, I learned so much through it. About my myself, people around me, my family. I’m actually grateful for this past year.

That said, I’m ready to send it on its way and welcome in a clean slate. Now I know that just because the calendar changes, doesn’t mean that everything is washed away. But I’m a big believer of hope. I like to think that the first of any day, week, month, or year is a new chance. A renewal of sorts.

For me, a new year is especially exciting and gives me new energy. In my personal and professional life, I have some things that are giving new charge to my batteries and I can’t wait to dive in:

  • Write three new stories and publish them
  • Try something new every month
  • Read more, including one nonfiction book each month
  • Watch more movies
  • Take marketing course
  • Learn dictation
  • Learn to do more with less
  • Start the journey to financial peace     
  • Take care of not just my body but my brain

My goals are fluid and I have some other things I’d like to see pan out, but I’m going with these for now. I’m really looking forward to writing my stories and publishing them and trying something new each month. I already have two things lined up for January, one writing related, one not. But both are creative. I will post about my new adventures, along with my progress of my stories. But the best way to keep up is to sign up for my monthly newsletter that goes out the first Monday of each month.

I’m energized and ready to get the new year started. I hope to see you guys along the way on this adventure!

What are some things you are looking forward to in the new year? Share them in the comments below!

Write freely, love fearlessly, and live intentionally,