Short Story of the Month!


I Should Be Getting Married

The heavy wood door opened, the blustery winter air rushing in with him. It was early evening before the usual Friday night crowd filled the pub, but it was already thick with clouds of smoke. He scanned the room until his eyes settled on her and held.

Her fingers tightened around the cold glass bottle in her hand and there was a quickening deep in her belly. He stepped away from the door with slow, deliberate movements and began to weave his way through the pub tables and around the center bar, his dark eyes never leaving hers. He was long, lean, and walking sex in the dark suit.

She squirmed in her seat and pressed her legs together. The sudden heat landed right in her middle and flushed her skin all over. Trying to appear unaffected, she casually sipped at the beer to relieve her parched throat.

He stopped at her booth, his hands in the front pockets of pants. Looking down at her, his lips curved into a rueful smile.

“You know, I’m supposed to be getting married, but…” he glanced away before bringing his gaze back to her, “I’m without a bride.”

The deep timbre of his voice did nothing to abate the heat that warmed her from the inside out.

Leaning back against the booth, she let her stare travel leisurely down his body before coming back to his eyes. “Sounds like you could use a beer. Care to join me?” Her tone was breezy, almost lazy.

She gave herself a mental pat on the back.

Without responding, he slid into the booth across from her. Catching the eye of the server, he signaled for two beers. He clasped his hands on the table. Large hands, that looked capable of inflicting pain or pleasure. She fought back a shiver and tilted her head. “So how did you find yourself without a bride?”

His eyes pinned hers. “I didn’t keep my word and she left me.”

She arched a brow. “That’s very…honest for a man to admit.”

He waited until the waitress sat the bottles of beer on the table and bustled away before continuing. “Yeah, well hindsight’s twenty-twenty.” He lifted the bottle to his lips and took a long drink. The muscles in the long column of this throat moved as he swallowed.

He was a fascinating specimen, all dark and brooding, the bright white of the dress shirt stark against his tanned skin.

He sat down the bottle with a click, staring at it for a beat before he looked up at her. “But if she and I ever cross paths again, I would do things differently. Let her know how sorry I am about it all.”

“Does she know that?”

He shook his head, glancing down at the bottle. One long finger rimmed the lip of the bottle.

Wicked thoughts of his fingers on her had her biting back a groan. “Well, maybe you should tell her.”

He glanced up at her, regret in the depths of his chestnut colored eyes. “Too late. She’s moved on.”

She wanted him. It was wrong, she knew it. But she couldn’t help the next words that came out. “Then maybe it’s time you moved on, too.”

They stared at one another for several, long moments. His eyes grew darker as the seconds ticked by. Seeing his desire started a slow burn that uncurled low in her abdomen and had her breath backing up into her lungs.

Before she could analyze the consequences, words tumbled from her mouth.  “Do you want to get out of here? My place is just around the corner.”

His smile was slow and devastating. “Yeah, that would be great.”

“Okay, let me settle up and I’ll meet you at the door.”


Gathering her coat and purse, she slid out of the booth and crossed over to the bar to pay her tab. He downed the rest of the beer, his eyes following her as she walked away. A snug denim skirt that stopped mid-thigh covered the curve of her hips. Hips that swayed hypnotically when she walked.

Several parts of him stood up and took notice.

Before a certain part of his anatomy made it an embarrassment for him to walk, he left the booth and walked to the door. Standing there, he knew without a doubt how this night would end. The way she smiled, the fall of her caramel colored hair, and the way she moved spoke directly to his primal instincts.

As she walked towards him, in her black knee high “fuck me” boots, a dark wool coat covering her torso, the word “mine” flashed in his brain.  

He had no clue where it came from but shoved it away for later contemplation.

Joining him at the door, she smiled up at him. “Ready?”

“When you are.” His voice strained against the desire that clogged his throat. He opened the door and waved her ahead of him. A wall of frigid air greeted them when they hit the sidewalk.

“Brrr, it’s cold out here,” she said, buttoning her coat. “Fortunately, the walk is short.”

He shoved his hands in his pockets as they walked along in silence a few moments. Only the click of her heels and the crackling of dead leaves when the wind blew surrounded them. Even the city seemed to be tucked in early against the cold.

“Have you lived here long?” he asked.

“I’ve lived in the area all my life, but I grew up in the burbs. I moved to the city after I finished college a few years ago. How about you?”

“I moved here for college. I liked the vibe of the city, so I stayed.”

They walked quietly for a few moments again, both lost in thought.

She cleared her throat delicately before breaking the silence. “You know, I’m sure she’d forgive you if you groveled.” She grinned. “Women love a man that grovels.”

He digested that as they continued to walk. Before he could respond, they stopped in front of a brownstone and she turned to him with a smile.

“Well, this is me. Do you still want to come in?” she asked, her tone a mixture of nervousness and hope.

He searched her green eyes and found himself drowning in them. His voice was low and husky. “Yes, I do.”

She turned and walked down the brick pathway that lead to the front of the house. When she stepped on the first stair leading to the front porch, her boot slipped on ice and she fell backwards.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.

He turned and reached out as she toppled backwards, catching her just before she fell on her back. She’d landed in his arms as though he were dipping her. Their faces close, tiny puffs of air mingled and swirled around them. “I’ve got you. Are you okay?” he asked, his voice low.

She nodded slowly. Her gaze lowered to his lips and held. A quick dart of her tongue across her lips made his already growing hard on press against the zipper of his slacks. When her eyes met his, the green depths shone bright with naked desire. With slow, measured motions, he sat her upright on her feet, not letting go until she was sure about her footing.

She let out a slow breath. “Okay. You should probably watch your step there.” Before their eyes could meet again, she went up the rest of the stairs as quick as her boots and the ice would let her. At the door, he stood behind her, close enough the vanilla of her shampoo filled his nostrils and the heat of her body radiated to him. He swayed towards her slightly and a couple of thin tendrils of her hair tickled the tip of his nose.

The keys in her hand jingled as she fumbled with them before inserting one into the lock. When the lock released and the door swung open, she rushed in, taking her heat away and leaving him cold.

She held the door open to let him through, closing it once he stood in her small foyer. “Can I get you—”

He turned and backed up her up against the door, the end of her sentence dying on her lips, eyes widened slightly. He cupped her face and stroked his thumbs over her cheekbones. “So soft,” he whispered, just before planting a searing kiss on her lips.

Her hands gripped his hips, pulling him toward her. Her mouth opened under his, hot and ready to take all he had to give. Their tongues tangled in a seductive dance before he pulled away, nipping gently at corner of her lips as he went. She opened her eyes with a soft moan. Seeing the desire burn bright in her eyes lit a fire in his belly that had him pushing his hands deep into her thick mane of hair, his fingers tightening against her scalp.

He angled her head and kissed her as though his life depended on it. The sense of urgency and heat grew between them, twining flames of want and need licking at the edges of his sanity.  

With one hand, she reached between them and unbuttoned her coat. When she released the last button, he shoved it off her shoulders and down her arms. He broke the contact between their lips just long enough to pull her blouse over her head, revealing a white lacy, barely there bra. His wide, tanned hands covered her breasts, pinching her nipples softly through the lace. Fastening his mouth on hers, he swallowed her whimpers. She tore her mouth from his and arched her back, filling his hands with soft flesh.

“Take…this…off…” Desperation laced through her voice as she fumbled with the buttons on his dress shirt until she finally just yanked it open, sending buttons scattering on the foyer floor. Shirt and jacket came off in one frantic motion, tossed heedlessly to the floor. Her fingertips grazed across the smooth, chiseled expanse of his abdomen. She rubbed her nails across his nipples, causing him to groan. He nipped at her neck then soothed the bite with his tongue.

One hand slid down her torso, over her hips, and stopped briefly at the hem of her skirt before stroking up the inside of her thigh.

Up. Down. With every stroke up the silky skin of her inner thigh, he moved closer to her core, to her wet heat. He could feel the tethers of his control fray a little more.

“Damn, I feel your heat through the lace. It’s hot as hell.” His voice was husky against her ear. He flicked his tongue out and teased behind her earlobe. His knuckles brushed against the lace that was damp and hot with need. Groaning, she turned her head away, giving him access to the long column of her throat.

“Please. Quit teasing me. I want you. Now.” She begged and bucked under him.

 He slid his hands down the backside of her thighs and gripped behind one knee. Lifting one leg, he draped it over his hip, the snug skirt riding all the way up, opening her to him. Grinding against her core, he tortured them both with the friction between their still clothed bodies. Then he mimicked the motions with her other leg until her legs were wrapped around his waist. She hooked her ankles together, pulling him closer.

Pinned between his hard chest and the front door, she tunneled her fingers through his thick hair and arched her back, groaning when his mouth continued its assault further down to her firm breasts. He yanked down a cup and latched onto her rosy nipple when it popped out of the lace. Her nipple hardened as he sucked and licked like a starved man presented with a buffet.

She smelled of vanilla and roses and her skin was soft as silk. He wanted her to the point that he ached from head to toe. The road to madness was short with the way she purred and ran her hands all over his body.

When those hands began to work on his belt, they brushed his crotch beneath the fabric. His vision dimmed and he knew he was past the point of rescue.

“We aren’t going to make it out of this foyer. You know that, right?” He hardly recognized the strained voice as his own.

She continued to work his fly until she freed his long, hard length from the confines of his boxers. Her green eyes sparked like emeralds in the sun and held an air of defiance. “I know that perfectly well.” Her voice was husky with lust and just above a whisper.

With a groan, he crushed his lips to hers in a kiss that singed the edges of his desire while she continued to stroke him. With one hand under her ass and his chest pressed against hers, he held her up against the door. With his other hand, he dipped his fingers under the lace and into her slick, overheated folds. He drove her to the edge with deft strokes, causing her to pant. If the pinprick bite of fingernails into the skin on his shoulders was any indication, she was near her release.

“Come on, baby. Let go. I want to see your face when you come.” His thumb swirled on what appeared to be her hot button because within seconds her inner muscles clamped down on his fingers. Her eyes closed and her pretty pink lips formed an “O”. Her moan caught in her throat and nothing but a high pitched squeak came from her mouth.

Her eyes were still hazy when he shifted her and pulled a condom out of his back pocket before shoving his pants further down his legs. He worked as quickly as he could with one hand to sheath himself and by the time he was lining up the head of his erection with her entrance, she regained her senses.

“Now. Take me now.” She twined her arms around his neck and with her legs wrapped around his waist, she used them to pull him into her. He filled her completely with one smooth motion, their twin moans filling the foyer.

For a brief moment, they were still, adjusting to the feel of each other. He filled her tight, wet heat completely. When she contracted around him, he withdrew slowly but not completely. With their gazes locked, he pushed back into her, going as deep as he could at that angle. Her eyes slid closed and she bit her lip.  

The rhythm started slow and built with every thrust. Soon, their bodies were moving together as one in a dance as old as time. She pulled him closer with her arms circled around his head, holding him in place against her neck as he plundered her body.

The smell of vanilla, roses, and sex engulfed him as she hit her second peak and cried out in pleasure. Two more hard thrusts before he stilled, buried deep inside her, and followed her over edge and into nirvana.

He swore for a moment he blacked out.

Slapping a hand on the door near her head, he held them both up on shaky legs.

“Holy shit.” He swallowed, trying to catch his breath.

“I can’t feel my toes,” she whimpered, her body limp.

He chuckled and kissed her forehead. Stepping back and away from her heat, he set her on her feet, where she promptly slid to the floor. When he put his clothes back together, he sat down on the floor next to her. They sat in silence for a moment, trying to restore their breathing to normal.

He turned to her, taking in her beautiful profile. Reaching out, he ran his index finger along her jaw line. Her head fell toward him and her smile was one of a fully sated woman. The fact that he’d been the one to put the look of satisfaction on her face made him grin. Especially when he knew he was the lucky bastard who would get to do it again.

Until death did them part.

“See you at the altar at noon tomorrow, my bride?”

“Absolutely.” She reached up and brought his hand to her lips, planting a kiss in his palm. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”