Short Story of the Month!

Smooth Sailing


“It’s smooth sailing from here, my love.” The movement of his lips brushed the tender flesh of her ear.

Glancing back, her turquoise eyes roamed over his handsome face. Mere inches separated them, his body heat radiating in waves. A mischievous smile played on her ruby-red lips as she faced forward again, the wind blowing her straw-colored curls around riotously. Casually, she draped one hand over the throttle; the other rested on the wheel.

Behind them, the lights of the coastal town became a sparkling dot as she put water between them and the shore. Out past the bow of the sleek cigarette boat, the sea lay out before them like an inky black velvet blanket.

“Faster. Don’t be afraid… she can handle it,” he murmured against her neck. His soft, warm lips dropped feather-light kisses on her bare skin, from the base of her neck to the curve of her shoulder. Her skin raised in goosebumps as a long finger ran down the length of her arm to where her hand rested on the speed control.

Laying his hand over hers, she let him push the boat to its limits, hurtling them towards their destination. Within minutes, they reached the beach of a private island.

She left her stilettos in the boat and lifted the hem of her dress before jumping over the side, her tanned feet sinking into the white sand. Two large overnight bags landed with a thud before he followed them over. He hefted the bags, one on each shoulder, and they walked together, led by the moonlight, into a sprawling bungalow.

Inside, she admired the elegant surroundings. He dropped the bags in the foyer while she moved into the open living area. She spun in a slow circle, taking in the opulence of her new husband’s wealth. She let out a low whistle.

He grinned at her. “You like it?”

She nodded as he walked past her and into the darkened kitchen. He crossed to a stainless steel fridge and pulled open one of the half doors. The shaft of light highlighted his rugged profile and the tanned skin at the open collar of his tuxedo shirt. Shadows shifted over the hollows of his cheeks as he spoke.

“I’m glad to hear that. Now that we’re married, this is all yours as well. I spend as much time here as possible. And since we own the island, we are completely and utterly alone. Free to do as we please.”

The fridge door slammed shut behind him. With a bottle of Champagne in one hand and two crystal flutes in the other, he sauntered towards where she stood in the center of the living room.

When he reached her, he held out the flutes, which she took from him while he opened the bottle. A loud pop, followed by her gasp and his chuckle, echoed throughout the room. Foam overflowed onto his hand as he poured the golden liquid into the glasses. After he set the bottle down on the coffee table, she lifted his hand. With a gleam in her eye, she licked the small droplets that were left behind. Her tongue swirled in a circle along his skin, causing him to growl. His eyes were nearly black with desire.

“Jesus, woman. If you keep doing that, we won’t make it to the bedroom at all.” His voice was rough and gravelly, as though he’d swallowed a handful of pebbles.

She smiled and pulled away, dropping his hand. He cleared his throat and adjusted his crotch, which widened her smile into a grin.

“I’d like to make a toast. To the most stunning woman I’ve ever met. Not just in looks, but in your heart and generosity. Between the two of us, I see great things in our future. But I would give up all my wealth and power just to keep you be my side. I’m the luckiest bastard alive. I love you.”

They clinked glasses and drank the bubbly liquid. It was cold and stinging as it flowed down the back of her throat. Over the rim of her glass, she admired the play of muscles in his throat as he swallowed the drink.

Before she could take her next breath, his mouth was on hers. She opened for him and his tongue swept into her mouth, leisurely playing with hers. His mouth was an erotic contradiction of heated desire and cold Champagne. A soft moan escaped her.

With a gentle touch, one hand gripped her hip and the hand that held his glass snaked around the small of her back, pulling her closer. Her glass became trapped between her breasts that pressed against his chest. With a groan, his hand drifted from her hip down to the curve of her ass, fondling the cheek before squeezing it. 

He pulled back and lay his forehead against hers. His breathing was harsh, as though he’d just broken records in the fifty-yard dash.

“Come with me, love. Let me show you the master suite. It takes up the entire second floor. I’ll take your bag up and you can freshen up in the spa bathroom. Then I can show you how much I love you.”

He stepped back and grabbed one hand, twining his fingers around hers. She had a split second to set down her glass before he was pulling her towards the foyer. The lighting of the room set off the diamonds of her wedding band that was nestled between their interlocked fingers, momentarily blinding her.

Releasing her hand, he set his now-empty glass on a side table.

“I can’t wait to peel you out of that tight little dress that has been driving me crazy all day and make love to my gorgeous wife.” He hefted the bags once again onto his broad shoulders.

He turned to her with a sexy smile on his face. After a moment it faded, and confusion played across the chiseled jaw. His brow furrowed. A split second later, his deep blue eyes widened and he shuffled back. “What the hell—”

A single gunshot ricocheted off the rafters and the smell of gunpowder hung in the air. The bullet pierced his heart, ending years of life in seconds. She crossed the foyer and kicked aside the bag that fell askew beside him.

Kneeling by his side, the long tail of her snow-white dress trailing in the blood pooled around his body, she let her gaze travel over the long, still length of his body. It was a shame, really. He was a fine specimen of man.

But a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

Looking into his dead eyes, she pushed back a lock of black hair that fell over his forehead and smiled.

“Yes, I do believe it’s smooth sailing from here.”