New to NaNoWriMo and Don’t Know Where to Start? Here are Three Questions to Get You On Your Way

get link There may only be a few days left in October, but there’s still time to get your head in the game to hit the ground running by November 1st. You’ve visited the NaNoWriMo website. Made your profile. Connected to a regional team online. Tweeted that you are participating. You’re ready! Except for that one section […]

Podcast Series Ep 3: Two Motivational Podcasts to Kick Start Your Writing

buy Lyrica Writing can be hard. It’s a solitary, isolating profession and sometimes we need a pick me up. These two podcasts accomplish that in their own ways. Having a cheerleader, even if it’s through the speakers of your computer, headphones, or car as you commute, is vital to the self-esteem of a writer. While we may […]

Podcast Series Ep 2: Two Book Marketing and Publishing Podcasts Every Indie Author Needs In my last post, I talked about my three favorite self-publishing podcasts.  In this post, it’s all about my favorite marketing and publishing news podcasts. When you’re an indie author, it takes more than just writing a great book. Marketing is the other side of the coin and a skill you have to learn if […]

Podcast Series Ep 1: Three Self-Publishing Podcasts Indie Writers Should Subscribe To

Podcasts can be a treasure trove of information for writers. Here are the best ones for self-publishing I’ve found to give the best bang for my audio buck.   Podcasts are one of the hottest mediums out there today. People can listen on the go, sitting in traffic, walking the dog. They’ve become my “go […]

The Four Types of Character Arcs

An arc gives a character dimension and texture. Here are four types to bring your character to life. What is a character arc and why is it important? Think about yourself. You aren’t the same person you’ve always been in every way. At some point, you were one person then experienced something (went to college, […]

How to Give a Writer Constructive Criticism

One thing I love about working with other writers is critiquing. I enjoy reading works by new and budding authors and helping them along with things that they are too close to see or simply don’t know. Last week, I posted an article about five ways to cope with criticism as a writer. Today, I […]

How to Create Enriching Characters Using Ennegrams

Creating compelling characters draw readers in from the beginning. Ennegrams are one way to get the job done. A few weeks ago, I was working with my group of trusted betas on my current manuscript. I was getting great feedback, which was a relief. Then one of them asked me, “What is the male protagonist’s […]

Three Ways Music Enhances Creative Writing

I love music. I always have. Unfortunately, I don’t have that gene that some get to understand the theory of music or the voice to be the next winner of any of the singing reality television shows. I have no idea how my daughter ended up with her angelic high pitched Disney Princess voice. But […]

How to Cope with Criticism

We’ve all been there. You finish that story giving it all your time, love, and attention. Your kids think your laptop is an extension of your hands, the household has run out of clean underwear, and you have survived via coffee IV and chocolate. With adrenaline coursing through your veins, you relinquish the story to […]

WRITERS: What If Your Character’s Arc Doesn’t Follow the Hero’s Journey?

Keeping in the spirit of character development, let’s talk character arcs. What is a character arc and why is it important? An arc gives a character dimension and texture. It makes them real. Think about yourself. You aren’t the same person you’ve always been in every way. At some point, you were one person then […]