Midweek Mojo: Get Started – March 21, 2018

Happy Midweek Mojo!  You see a lot of Motivational Monday posts and that’s great to get you going for a Monday. Unfortunately, I have a “hare” mentality that I’m trying to correct. I’m strong out of the gate, but tend to flail about halfway. It’s a conscious effort on my part to try and change […]

Your Time is Limited…Quote of the Week – May 19, 2017

Steve Jobs was one of the last great innovative creators of our time (full disclosure: I am an Apple junkie!). His 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University is full of all sorts of quotable quotes, all of which are designed to motivate a new class ready to take on the world. But this one is […]

Today’s Motivation, July 14th – How Does Fear Motivate You?

“Terrible thing, to live in fear.”- Shawshank Redemption Fear is one of the greatest motivators around. It can be productive or it can stop you in your tracks. It’s all in how you look at it. I know that over my lifetime I have passed on taking chances simply because I worried that I would […]

Daily Motivation, June 11th – Take a Chance

This quote is honest but requires thinking outside the box. Many people use that term, but few truly use it. Instead of the outcome, think about what it takes to get to the outcome. When you focus on results, you trick your brain into thinking the work is already done and your mojo can wane. […]

Daily Motivation, June 6th – Champions

Whether you liked him or not, there was no denying Muhammad Ali was a champion many times over. He had the vision but he also had the drive. He worked on that skill until it was the best it could be. And made no bones about letting anyone know it. Some would call it arrogance, […]

Daily Motivation, June 2nd – True Character

I can’t add much to this. It’s one of the truest statements I’ve read in a while. When the going gets tough, you find out who your friends are! Make it a great day! Eliza

Daily Motivation, May 27th – Every Rose Has Its Thorn

A rose is one of the best symbols of life. On the whole, life is beautiful. Bright, blossoming, open. But as you dig deeper into the journey of life, it isn’t without it’s painful moments. Still, the beauty and goodness remains. Perfection is an illusion, so the thorns will always be there. How you handle them is […]

Daily Motivation, May 20th – Break The Rules

No matter what kind of creative person you are, there are always what the phantom gatekeepers call “the rules”. You know, the things that you should always do, the mistakes you should always avoid, blah, blah, blah. But as they say in Pirates of the Caribbean, “They are more like guidelines.” **Insert pirate accent here** […]

Daily Motivation, May 6th – Positively Friday

Last night my husband and I made a pact to be more positive about certain aspects of our lives that tend to bother us. It won’t be easy, but we have each other’s back, so I know we will be successful. When I saw this image, I thought it was perfect given my thought process […]

Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday! Yes, I used happy and Monday together in a sentence on purpose. After the weekend, it’s easy to hate on Mondays. I did it for years. But I’m attempting to look at life differently these days and open my mind a bit. For example, any day I wake up on this side of […]