Cover Reveal – The Nearness of You by K.G. Fletcher

COVER REVEAL FOR THE NEARNESS OF YOU BY K.G. FLETCHER! Check it out and preorder your copy today! I’m excited to share the news that my friend K.G. Fletcher is having her cover reveal for her third novel, “The Nearness of You”. The cover is beautiful and I can’t wait to read it when it comes […]

Music & Writing: To Listen or Not to Listen? And 3 Reasons Why You Should

I love music. I always have. Unfortunately, I don’t have that gene that some get to understand the theory of music or the voice to be the next winner of any of the singing reality television shows.  I have no idea how my daughter ended up with her angelic high pitched Disney Princess voice. But […]

Share The Love! More from In Another Life

Hello loves! It’s Valentine’s (and my anniversary) weekend. So I thought I’d share some love and romance with y’all with another excerpt of In Another Life.  Last week we met Dr. Ramsey Taylor, who just arrived in Las Vegas and had the misfortune of sharing a cab with the handsey and full of himself Dr. […]

WRITERS: What If Your Character’s Arc Doesn’t Follow the Hero’s Journey?

Keeping in the spirit of character development, let’s talk character arcs. What is a character arc and why is it important? An arc gives a character dimension and texture. It makes them real. Think about yourself. You aren’t the same person you’ve always been in every way. At some point, you were one person then […]

WRITERS: Are You Ready to Take That Leap?

I started my journey into writing several years ago. Over the last six years give or take, I’ve put more effort into it. However, not enough to my liking But this year is my year. I’ve put my nose to the grindstone and I’m going to make my dream happen. My dream of being a […]

WRITERS: 5 Ways to Cope With Criticism

We’ve all been there. You finish that story giving it all your time, love, and attention. Your kids think your laptop is an extension of your hands, the household has run out of clean underwear, and you have survived via coffee IV and chocolate. With adrenaline coursing through your veins, you relinquish the story to […]

“On Writing”: Life’s Manual

Today, my daughter comes to me and says she needs to use some quotes from a non-fiction book for a paper due tomorrow. Immediately I said, “On Writing.” This was met with a skeptical look because, well, she’s fifteen. And I’m stupid. “Mom, I’m not a writer.” “Stephen King wrote it, give it a try.” […]

How bad do you want it?

I read an article today on Hugh Howey’s blog that resonated with me. As in hit with me with a two by four resonated with me (Read the entire article here: The Article was called “So You Want to be a Writer…” Why yes, yes I do, Hugh. Please tell me more. I was pleased […]

My Top 5 Goals of 2016

Here we are, already a week into 2016. I don’t know about you guys, but my first week into the year was crazy. Getting business books in order and trying to meet my daily writing goals have kept me running. But I thrive on being busy. To be honest, if I’m not busy, then I […]