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Trouble Me Teaser – Chapter 1 Day 3

Trouble Me teaser day 3. The heat is starting to simmer! Tune in each day between now and release day (9.27.19) for a snippet of the first two chapters. If you like it, pre-order this beauty for just $0.99 at

Chapter 1

Burgers and Bills



In spite of herself, her sleepy lady parts sat up and noticed him even though a frown marred his full lips. His moves were slow and deliberate, like a panther stalking its prey, settling into a booth at the back of the place.

With a heavy sigh, Emma pressed a hand to her lower back and stretched. Standing on her feet for long periods was difficult after she’d broken her back two years ago. She moved a hand to rub the puckered skin on her upper thigh, one of the more visible scars that reminded her of darker days. 

Most of the time, she was laser-focused on the future. But every so often, the past would reach out and bitch-slap her. Right now, her tired ass was just ready to get home and curl up in bed with a pint of chocolate ice cream.

Squaring her shoulders, she walked around the L-shaped counter toward her just-stepped-out-of-a-Ralph-Lauren-catalogue customer. She pulled out her tablet and pen as she approached him. Mystery Man perused the well-worn, plastic-covered menu, snapping it closed when she walked up to the table. 

“Hey, I’m Emma. What can I get you?”

When he looked up and met Emma’s gaze, her lips parted, her eyes widening of their own volition.

Holy hell. 

Long, dark lashes framed intense cerulean-blue eyes that reminded her of the South Pacific Sea. They seemed to bore right into her soul when he looked at her.

Damn. The man had sex appeal in spades.

He blinked at her then glanced down at the menu, rubbing a hand across his strong jaw. “How are the burgers?” His voice held a husky quality that made her tingle in all the right places.

Prying her tongue off the roof of her mouth, she kicked her brain into gear. “They’re the best in town. You won’t be hungry when you finish.”